Karlheinz Stockhausan

During 1963 Glenn and Steve attended a lecture demonstration given by Karlheinz Stockhausen at the University of Pennsylvania. Stockhausen was thirty-five years old when Glenn and Steve saw him. They told me of their encounter with him in a near hysterical frenzy of excitement. He had accepted a position as a Visiting Composition Professor for the spring term of 1964 at the University of Pennsylvania. Glenn and Steve urged me to study with him. At first I was apprehensive. Their persuasions won me over. Soon, I too succumbed to the ‘Artist Of The Age’ image so capably represented by Karlheinz! The “Debussy Trail”, as I have come to call it, had led swiftly and directly to Stockhausen’s work and persona and now, here I was, preparing to study with him!
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