Glenn in Plaid Shirt Working

"During my last year at Manhattan, my brother Glenn (photo below) began his first and only year of art study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He came often with me to school in New York, my mother frequently writing excuses for him from high school in order for him to do this; I too visited his classes while he studied at the Academy and became acquainted with his teachers and colleagues, Morris Blackburn, Hobbson Pittman, Murray Desner and Steve Heimel. I was a member of the little circle of searching young painters at the Academy that had formed around the personality and the teaching of Hobbson Pittman, the only instructor there who understood and approved of historic 19th and 20th century avant-garde work. A very strong and warm bond formed between Glenn, Steve Heimel, Hobbson, and myself. While I was in Philadelphia to study with Stockhausen the following year I regularly attended Hobbson’s now-legendary Open Criticism class on Thursdays."

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