Marshall Taylor (saxophonist, at right in photo) and composer Raoul Pleskow (left) began to collaborate in 2003. Raoul wrote several pieces for Marshall (and pianist Sam Hsu). Raoul travels by train from Little Neck, NY, to Marshall’s home in Radnor, PA, and I have been able to join them for many of these visits. I composed a variation piece for cello and piano dedicated to Raoul based on Anton Webern’s Three Pieces for Violin and Piano, a work that was a significant turning point in Raoul’s development as a composer. Raoul and I analyzed the work while I was studying with him during my graduate studies at C.W.Post in 1968-1970 and, because of this, my Webern Variations, I hope, is an appropriate hommage to him. Raoul turned 75 in 2006.
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Photo: Raoul and Marshall