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O sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless His Name; proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day.
Psalm 96, 1-2

The tones of air, I know not how they flow; where'er they move, all things melodious grow.
Faust PT II, Goethe


Lost World Tango

Two Lonely People



Blues for Zarathustra

Wings of the Morning



17 Solo Piano Improvisations

Music in Three Parts

House of Counted Days

Voyage to Arcturus

Ron Thomas performances, recordings, teaching, composition and essays.

The House of Counted Days

by the Ron Thomas Quartet:
Ron Thomas, piano; John Swana, trumptet; Tony Marino, Bass; and Joe Mullen, drums

Released in 2002 - Vectordisc HCD9691

Ron's recordings are available from Tarnius Music and and
Individual tracks and the album are also available from iTunes. Search for "Ron Thomas Counted Days."

Unreleased and out-of-print recordings available by contacting Ron Thomas directly.

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  1. Fancy of Fate 7:05
  2. Code Red 4:22
  3. Lines Where Beauty Lingers 5:51
  4. Tough Nut 6:45
  5. Ones and Eights 6:04
  6. The House of Counted Days 7:35
    Recorded live at the West Chester University Jazz Festival, 2002
  7. Lucky Cuss 5:28
  8. Blue Glass Country 5:34
  9. Here 5:12

Ron Thomas Quartet
The House of Counted Days

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Glenn Ferracone at the Music Centre in Exton, Pennsylvania 19341
Additional Recording: Bob Rust
Additional Mastering: Sean Townsend at Townsounds
Producer: Richard Burton
All Compositions Copyright 2002, Ron Thomas Music (ASCAP)
Graphic Design: Danny N. Schweers
Acts 4:12

Metaphor and Symbol
The House of Counted Days, a fragment for Bill Karlins
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The Dutch air is cold against my back as I read on the little single mattress on the floor of the apartment in Amsterdam. It is 1999. Not finished with Rimbaud, apparently. Reading again about Somebody Else . . . the Master of Silence . . . The Red Sea, “a blank page upon which his future will be written”. . . I am leaning against the opening under the door. A pillow, which my mother, on the other bed in the room, has thrown me, wards off the chilly blasts while the moon travels its October path, gathering size on its way towards the West Tower nearby where, somewhere within, Rembrandt is buried. Back in Thorndale, a hot blast of Dutch tea meets my face as I lean over the stove to stir a boiling pot of spinach and beans.

Walking through Philadelphia, city shapes and building fronts unfold along my eyes and head, bodiless, they do not cling. Too numerous. Pleasures not sweet enough, nor sorrows a standard of meaning can attain. Here, invent; there, remember. Wandering in place, finding, losing and giving away.

Winter’s two-part rondo, the chilly dark and the tree branch bearing beings, winter’s General, (the wind) barking orders. The sun’s warmth. The eyes I lift from the open book in my lap, meet the day’s final light washing the surface flat across the yard’s yellowing pines, and the red brick wall next to the door of the shed, watching me thinking on my couch through the patio doors . . . my position is fixed, I do not escape the fears of youth, they return in season, emboldened, no longer hiding behind the mask of feigned and fearless embezzled bravado. The tree branch bears beings laughing through the commanding winter wind, barking orders, the sun’s warmth, and the chilly dark, the light on the red brick wall next to the shed . . . the strength of the wild ox defers to the Shadow of Him by whose Word, what was not, from nothing, came to be. The watching dawn lowers its countenance averting the Lord of Heaven, mighty and dreadful, passing by.

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