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O sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless His Name; proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day.
Psalm 96, 1-2

The tones of air, I know not how they flow; where'er they move, all things melodious grow.
Faust PT II, Goethe


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by Ron Thomas, John Swana and Joe Mullen
Released in 2006 - Vectordisc 006 and 007

Cycles is available from Tarnius Music and and from iTunes.

Unreleased and out-of-print recordings available by contacting Ron Thomas directly.

Cycles is a collection of 11 feature-length tone poems, cinematic landscapes and quasi-mystical soundscapes. John Swana and Ron Thomas (synthesizer sounds) and Joe Mullen (percussion) create everything from tiny microscopic events to swirling masses of raging mountainous ostinatos. The resulting music is more like drama and cinema (characters, psychologies, plots, narratives) than just "listening to" music. Essential to the presentation of course is the excellent soundscape recording techniques of recording engineer Glenn Ferracone. Several trial sessions preceded the pieces released here and other projects are ahead for this group

RON COMMENTS: Joe Mullen asked me to join him to record free-improvisations in 1998. I was strongly disinclined and my reluctance might be explained this way. My connection to the form of improvising Joe seemed to be suggesting was rooted in “old” New Music ideas and I had no desire to revisit that aesthetic-acoustic world for a couple of reasons. One, I had long since absorbed and applied these principles [derived largely from what I learned from Karlheinz Stockhausen] in unexpected ways as a composer and a jazz artist. Next, I was worried that the other players would (through no fault of their own) have not the first clue about what I was doing, an experience I wanted neither to endure or to inflict on others. My doubts were unnecessary. This music was fresh from the beginning thanks to the extraordinary imaginative company I was in. It was an honor and a joy to work with Joe Mullen, John Swana, and Glenn Ferracone in this “electronic music” setting, the results were more than satisfactory from the beginning. (Yea Joe, this is your record).

"Cycles" 2-CD Set

Ron Thomas - Keyboard Synthesizer
John Swana - EVI Synthesizer
Joe Mullen - Percussion
Vectordisc 006 & 007
Recorded by Glenn Ferracone at The Music Centre, Exton, PA
June 17, 2003 and October 12, 2004
Mastered by Paul G. Kohler
Produced by Richard Burton
CD Art Design by Danny Schweers,
Copyright 2006 Ron Thomas Music (ascap)

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