O sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless His Name; proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day.
Psalm 96, 1-2

The tones of air, I know not how they flow; where'er they move, all things melodious grow.
Faust PT II, Goethe


Lost World Tango

Two Lonely People



Blues for Zarathustra

Wings of the Morning



17 Solo Piano Improvisations

Music in Three Parts

House of Counted Days

Voyage to Arcturus

Ron Thomas performances, recordings, teaching, composition and essays.


Watch The Ron Thomas Trio Perform in New Jersey Watch John Thornton's film of Ron performing with Tim Lekan and Bob Shomo in Somers Point, NJ.

See Ron's YouTube Channel. His videos include "Three Solo Pieces" and "Curator or Creator: Ron Thomas in conversation with John Vanore". Both videos were recorded at Widener University in 2013.

See Ron's "Message" -- Things I Learned from Stockhausen. Stockhausen's methods were very much more intuitive than one would guess from his complex writings, his teaching, and his interview-conversations.

Ron Thomas plays "A Portrait of Diana" by Pat Martino from Pianadelphia. Copyright © 2006 Turtle Studios, used with permission, all rights reserved. Click here to see the video larger.

New Releases:

Lost World Tango on CD Baby websiteLost World Tango

Listen to samples and purchase tracks on the CD Baby website.

Read a review of Lost World Tango on the All About Jazz website.

Archival Remnants and Other Fragments

Click here to hear all the music on Ron Thomas's "Archival Remnants and Other Fragments" and to order the digital album or the cassette tape.

Enjoy 72 minutes of previously unreleased music from the archives of Ron Thomas, experimental and electronic works from 1972-2007, many originally created for independent Philadelphia dancers and choreographers.

Reviews and Interviews:

Ron Thomas interviewed by Jake FeinbergRon Thomas interviewed on the Jake Feinberg Show in 2012. A 54-minute recording of an interview first heard on Radio KWFM.

Link to Curator Magazine Article by Rebecca Tirrell Talbot in Curator Magazine, Sept. 16, 2011 "Ultimate Liberty, Ultimate Fun. Ron Thomas has been producing and recording original jazz and classical music since the 1960s."

Link to Art of Life website Review by Dan McClenaghan of Where The Jade Buddha Lives. "A flexible and highly interactive crew that combines a feeling for freedom with an unerring instinct for ethereal beauty."

Two Lonely People: "Thomas's acoustic offerings always contain a remarkable depth of feeling, a genuine and unpretentious commitment to pure art, with a warmth and humanity combined with an understated brainy audacity."

Galaxy by Ron Thomas Review on All About JazzGalaxy: "Bobby Rose and Ron Thomas take their combined artistry and depth of talent straight up out of the stratosphere into deep jazz space," writes critic Dan McClenaghan.

Bobby Rose interviewed by Jake Feinberg on November 12, 2011. Click here to listen to this recording.

Elysium: "exploring new ambient territory, and creating an oddly mesmerizing sound," says critic Dan McClenaghan.

Blues for Zarathustra: "Nothing short of brilliant" says Elliott Simon.

Blues for Zarathustra: short review on AllMusic.com, samples of all seven tracks, and an option to purchase the CD.

Wings of the Morning reviewed by Budd Kopman on the All About Jazz website.

August, 2007 interview in Philadelphia's Mainline Today magazine.

17 Solo Piano Improvisations reviewed by Budd Kopman on the All About Jazz website.

Doloroso reviewed by Dan McClenaghan on All About Jazz

Cycles reviewed by Dan McClenaghan on the All About Jazz website.

Music in Three Parts reviewed by Dan McClenaghan on All About Jazz.

Music in Three Parts: short review on AllMusic.com, with samples and an option to purchase the CD.

House of Counted Days reviewed by Dan McClenaghan on the All About Jazz website.

An interview with Ron Thomas by Victor L. Schermer appeared June 10, 2004 on the All About Jazz website.











Read The Reviews On Ron's Latest Release - DUO:
Vic Schermer, All About Jazz - June 9, 2016
Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz - July 7, 2016

DUO is available through iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.


Ron Thomas performs and records jazz, classical and improvisation on the piano and other keyboards. His compositions cover these many styles of music, which he teaches as well. Recent reviews and interviews are listed to the right. Click here to contact Ron directly.



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Fragments: An Autobiography

Influences and Friends

Influences and Friends




photo: Glenn ThomasRon's brother, artist Glenn Thomas

Ron's Nephew's Daughter at the piano, age 6

In this video, Ron looks on and thinks about using some of the note phrases he hears as this young girl improvises.

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